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I'm back. I'm missing medication so my world is very edgy until I can get it. 10 days late. Very frazzled indeed. Harrison was not that bad. It was very sunny with high temps and a cool breeze. But it has that resort town smarmy feel. Lockhart could have been one of the hotel staff. I lost my Deathly Hallows watch by the hot pool and found it in the dead of night, a-creeping as snakes are wont to do. I searched and then irked the night staff to look and Lo and Behold it was turned in. Humanity just sucks by 92%. The 8% makes the rest faintly tolerable.

One Pic Below Cut and Small Pottermore rant )
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Constructive Cynicism Holiday

The weather is 35 Celcius - effing hot here at the hot springs with loud brats and their louder, brattier offspring. Hufflepuff has to deal with my near-constant litany of snark. I enjoy the mountains and ice caps and my inner mineralogist is gleeful at the variety available. Constructive: I worked my way into getting an upgrade from a sleeve to a pint of ale free after a few comments.

Pottermore is down for significant changes. I can't send potions ingredients to Sionna-Blackbird. I wait for Sony's axe to fall. Perhaps it will work in Slytherin's best interests. I hope so and I won't leave as long as those who remain loyal to Salazar remain. Me included
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I am actually managing a lot of 142s today and I was jittery with coffee. I had duelling nerves.
What, did they sneeze? Gryffindor LBer WildSparks17554 got their arse kicked.
By HexWalnut107, ich bin's, c'est moi, and they are 12th on the Gryff board. I place nowhere. I have nice points, but I do breathe other than Pottermore air. They turned around and threw 144 at me, afterwards.


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