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Constructive Cynicism Holiday

The weather is 35 Celcius - effing hot here at the hot springs with loud brats and their louder, brattier offspring. Hufflepuff has to deal with my near-constant litany of snark. I enjoy the mountains and ice caps and my inner mineralogist is gleeful at the variety available. Constructive: I worked my way into getting an upgrade from a sleeve to a pint of ale free after a few comments.

Pottermore is down for significant changes. I can't send potions ingredients to Sionna-Blackbird. I wait for Sony's axe to fall. Perhaps it will work in Slytherin's best interests. I hope so and I won't leave as long as those who remain loyal to Salazar remain. Me included
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Going to Harrison, BC, which you likely heard me rant about. My Hufflepuff's birthday is the day after we arrive. It will be a break because the only internet access I get will be my tablet. I won't use it much, data charges can be silly.
I hate to leave Pottermore and my flist but sometimes you have to relax.
Relax? (*snort) It will be very hot and too many screaming kids...but there are 7 different temperatures of pools and I may actually not have my head in the clouds for an entire 15 minute stretch!
Will likely work on the book in progress and check my mail for my [community profile] darkwitches assignment. If I can and there is reason I will make a post from my tablet. Likely not. So see you, whoever reads this.


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