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Author: [personal profile] valkyriekat_47
Title: Severus/Sirius: Notebook
Word Count: 432
Rating: G
Warnings: None; could be part of Snacks and Letters- Background on AO3

Severus paused as he scribbled down yet another spell in his notebook. The Headmaster's study was not occupied. The dungeon rooms belonged to him, though he was the rightful Headmaster.

In times of peace, Severus thought wryly, the warlike man turns upon himself. But he wasn't as warlike as he'd once thought. The Second War was over, and incredible things had happened, some good, some terrible.

His mother had disappeared from Spinner's End. She had never returned. Severus had no idea where or how she was, or if his father was with her. They had both seemed afraid of him during their last meeting. Severus scowled to himself, and underlined the key spells he was working on.

Subtext. An explanation of each spell, in case the likes of Potter laid hands on yet another book belonging to the Half Blood Prince. They had all worked. That was the main point.

Thoughts crowded in on him as thoughts always did. The cat had been abandoned, not a kitten but very close to it. A teenage cat. As if he needed more teenagers in his life.

A very small Burmese, with a very loud meow. He knew people would be startled that the oh-so-nasty Severus Snape would keep, feed, pet and love a cat. They thought it so unlikely.

What would they say if they knew the hate mail he and his former adversary, Sirius Black, had begun exchanging had turned into letters of friendship? That Severus had gone to Grimmauld Place with no Regulus or Dumbledore to vouch for him, with the Order now gone? That he had a friend better than any he had ever had – in Sirius Black?

One more spell. A charm to cure fleas effectively. His insecure, inscrutable expression split into an amused smirk. He was always playing games with Sirius. What if he threatened to use it on Padfoot? Alexi always got on well with Padfoot, and neither had fleas.

But a spell was in the offing, and Severus liked to be thorough. No chance of using this spell.

Alexi wound around the feet of his chair.

He picked her up and put her in his lap. She sprang on top of the desk, and stood on the anti flea charm. Severus' eye narrowed for a second, and then he produced a real smile, one few saw...the cat saw it, Regulus had seen it, and Sirius had seen it. And yes, Lily, for a limited amount of time.

Seveus felt uneasy at one thought. He had only ever shown Dumbledore irony.

With a knowledge of true friendship and trust in Sirius, Severus was glad of that irony now.


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