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Author: [personal profile] valkyriekat_47
Title: A Bit of Snilyness!
Word Count: 210
Rating: G
A/N: I try to write again, but only manage a Severus/Lily kid story. Since my first ever fanfic was Snily and led me to better things so there's hope despite the kitsch.

It had been so long since someone played with him on this side of the tracks Severus couldn't remember when the last time was. He wanted it to happen, just once, today.

There was the girl his age. His ability. She was just too fragile to blow on her petals, reveal himself as the one to pick the flower.

Lily was a flower. Supposedly that Petunia was named after a flower but she was nothing to a real flower like Lily. Petunia was a filthy Muggle. Lily would get the letter.

Mum said the redhead was a Mudblood. Yeah, right – Severus was half Muggle what did that make him? Half-blood in the Prince line. He snorted to himself as he crouched hunchbacked behind the hedge. Muggle blood did not make anyone filthy unless their name was Petunia. Or Tobias. Or every teacher and classmate he'd ever had. Mum had a point? Severus didn't know.

Lily had her hair in pigtails today. Severus shifted to look through the leaves and his coat whisked along the ground. It didn't look “normal” - perfect.

He went to step out, sure this day was the day, his speech planned.

But he couldn't move, he was frozen to the spot, and he couldn't stop looking.


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