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Author: [personal profile] valkyriekat_47
Titlre: Drunken Draco: meeting Myrtle
Word Count: 333
Rating: R for self mutilation
Warnings: you have just read it, dolt, as Phineas would say

Draco wandereddown the corridors, his left finger leaving a slight trace in the dust of centuries. House elves haed been cleaning, but there was the might of the castle upon them, the filthyhabits of collected, assorted students wandering longbefore Darco.

All he could thinkabout was Harry Potter and his weaselkick, Ronald. He knew Ginny had been trying to get Harry Potter. Ge Ginnyger Weasel with the high cheekbones and light brown glanc ethat Draco had been so hard trying to look at him.

She was a blood traitor.

She deserved rat-intestine scum like Potter, sullying Draco's family name, now his fathe rwaas In Azkabanm. Potter and the wealsel girl had insulted him publicly. Why shiuld he care what they thought?

The blade flicked open. The washroom was a short way away. He walked with determination and emotion., the latter freighttening him with its intensity. He would hurt himself so no other pain mattered.

Finally, he entered. Girl's bathroom second floor, perfefct. He caught sight of his terrified self in the mirror. Snape was trying to nick his pride, and Potter had the wizar4ding world by the balls. Ginny hated him, he was stuck with Pansi and she may be the best at head in the western hemisphere but he neeeded weaseltongue,.

And control. Mastery over his destiny and his despair.

Crabbe and Goyle were so mad about the Polyjuice.... he blamed their stupidiity. If he had half decent henchmen they wouldn;t be in this mess.

Stark white face. Starlkly red slice. Thin but sifficient. The blood leaked and the wound sang a high pithched whine. And a voic espoke by his ear and the gasp tha t Draco let out was wheezy from too many menthol cigaretteds/

“Sad are we?” Moaning Myrtyle glugged. She looked like he felt. Isubstantial, in pain.

“Go away you stupid...” Draco snarled.

Myrtle stroked his harm like ice passing through.

“Let me help...”

“No one can help me...” Draco began, and he knew this was just a beginning.


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