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Short 10 Question Realistic Post HP Meme
(Write answers after all questions thought through, answer at the end of the list)

1. What did you think of Snape's death scene in the film?
2. What did you think of Lucius Malfoy running away from Voldemort in the final film?
3. What did you think of Fred, Lupin and Tonks demises in the films?
4. What do you think JKR's face would have looked at when writing DH? Smug? Fearful? Scowling?
5. How did your OTP end up like in canon as opposed to what you would have done (cut answer short if possible; we don't need a meta)
6. After all this time, always, what house are you in and why?
7. Are you looking forward to Fantastic Beasts?
8. Do you think Fantastic Beasts will be an addition to or an end to HP fandom?
9. If you are trembling at the Fantastic Beasts premiƩre is it happy nerves or sobs of despair?
10. What book are you reading and do you compare it to HP in any way?

1.Snape's death: It didn't really work for me. I felt torn at it, but distant. Loving Severus Snape as I do, this fault lies entirely with the filmmakers.
2. Malfoy runaway: He definitely would have taken off rather than risk going either way now that the end was near, and they would have escaped together, Lucius Narcissa and Draco mean everything to each other and want to ESC.
3. Death: Fred was hard to take, knowing that he left a twin behind. Remus and Tonks never stood a chance, and their son even less so, no matter how clever Lupin's words in the film on the eve of attack. He was wrong.
4. Probably screwed up against the misery that was her mother's passing. Don't cry for me Argentina.
5. My OTP was dead before it could be considered. Regulus was dead before the films began, was given not much of a mention, and lives on in Serpentude in my snaky little brain with Severus. Though 98% gen.
6. After all this time, which house? Slytherin. Why? Because I happen to belong there. Cunning, shrewd, ambitious, determined. You name snake, I am snake.
7. Fantastic Beasts? Looking forward to it, no. Takeoffs hardly ever work and such a lame book it is based on that I will not even look at it again until I am forced to.
8. Not an addition. I hope I am wrong. End? Fandom is stronger than that. I hope I am right.
9. Why tremble? Trembling because it's cold at midnight downtown. Not anticipation. My hopes aren't high.
10. Other book: Burning Chrome by William Gibson, short story collection, not related to HP. SciFi.
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