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Author: [personal profile] valkyriekat_47
Title: Severus/Regulus: Felix Felicis
Word Count: 745
Rating: PG-13 to R
Warnings: slash (non-explicit)

Severus always wanted to see where the glittering golden path of Felix Felicis led him, but he was afraid to try it. He felt that his inner self, which he avoided at all costs, might have different consequences than he had anticipated.

Severus could brew it in fifth year, and he might have somehow come upon the ingredients in his mysterious Potioneer way but he put off finishing the Felix brew until Seventh year, when Slughorn said to make it for class, after having set it to stew a full year previously.

The leaping golden potion beckoned to him upon completion. It smelled like musty bookshelves, the same as his Amortentia. Severus would have used Love Potion or Liquid Luck on Lily if he hadn't thought it beneath him.

The scent of old tomes made his eyes widen with anticipation. It reminded him of far more familiar scents as well... sweaty, musky robes and the smell of burning sage. The Felix fumes mimicked that of Amortentia. Intriguing.

The scent was one to be tracked, the Felix told him, longing burning in his veins. Lily was the most important...more important than happiness! It was a smell, nothing more. Felix led him down a happier path, perhaps, one against his grain.

He knew. He knew. He'd known for years but never acknowledged, because he would seem more vile, more odd, more irretrievable from the supposed norm.

What would Potter and his mates say?

What would the person he was led toward say? Severus left class at the end of Slughorn's Potions lesson anxious and wary. He would track the scent to its source, and improvise. What reason had been telling him to do and at least nine tenths of the world screamed was wrong. The Potters of this world. That Sirius Black. The improbable, if not impossible. The world seemed to open to his touch. Every hallway he walked felt lined with gold.

Lily. He wanted to be with Lily.

But she was neither improbable nor impossible. She was untouchable.

She had made it thus.

Did better things lay in between the abyss of his creation and the echoing void she had left?

Severus had been unaware in his thoughts that his path led to the dungeons. To the Slytherin common room. He stood outside, the password unneeded as Felix opened all doors, very suddenly. The sliding stone panel stood aside, and there stood Regulus Arcturus Black with a dusty old Potions text under his arm, opened to the page on the Elixir to Induce Euphoria that Severus himself had scribbled in in Sixth Year.

There was a musky, sweaty smell hanging around the Quidditch robes Regulus was wearing. A faint smell of sage rose from them, reminding Severus that Regulus thought there was truth to the Divination nonsense Severus had dropped long ago.

Regulus could believe the impossible of anybody, open minded to the point of foolishness.

Before he could stop it, Felix opened his mouth before thought could override it as usual.

“Want some help with the Euphoria?” Severus asked, flushing in a muted kind of way.

“Sure, why not? Listen, hey, you fancy a chat somewhere private?”

The potion kept chucking gold into Severus' lap. His heart skipped a beat and he staggered slightly sideways into the entrance wall.

“Why?” Severus asked with the precise amount of curiosity mixed with edginess that Severus thought wise. Cunning, always.

“I want to. You want to. We want to. Just a chat.” Regulus raised a single thin black eyebrow exactly the same as his great great grandfather Phineas Nigellus Black was wont to do. Severus didn't know this, but he still thought it was an intoxicating eyebrow.


Half an hour later they reached their destination. Every student thought they were the only ones who had discovered the place. The Room of Requirement was empty but for a couch covered in grey satin, a four poster bed with Slytherin hangings and a dresser full of whatever the seeker's needs wanted them to contain.

They fell together onto the couch, Regulus giggling though his usual serious, ironic and still idealistic way of rule-following to a tee. He thrust Severus back and spoke one word.


And he kissed Severus and Severus found himself kissing Regulus back in a way he had never managed with Lily.

Happy to be together, as one. As one, he was with someone in a way that seemed so right, together, together as one.


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