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Author: [personal profile] valkyriekat_47
Title: Severus/Sirius(Marauders): Let Spells Fly
Word Count: 525
Rating: G -sorry about that-
Warnings: angst, sort of, and typical Marauders, topped by rusty writing

Severus wrote in secret. Like many young writers, he chose a code language, he wrote in runes. Mum wouldn't snoop. If she did, well, she had never taken Ancient Runes. She pretended to know, but he'd proven that she couldn't differentiate between Nordic and Celtic let alone types of Nordic, the Elder Futhark. Dad would probably chuck it, same as if he would if he knew it was spells he was creating. Any sign of magic? Tread with care. Severus remembered his father's sullen look the day the letter from Hogwarts arrived. Jealous, just like Petunia. Not so bad as long as the TV was on or he started on his lectures about the glory that is Britannia.

But the spells, the spells Severus had made like concocting a potion! He grinned into the poor light of early morning green. Something had to make him grin.

His first spell had been to make bats fly out of the end of his wand. He used them to entertain his friends, but the spark of creation had manufactured a desire to keep creating. Regulus could sing and draw. Evan had acting skills and acted like either an evil twin or a complete ham, the latter something Severus could never do even under the Imperius curse. (Evan had tried.) And Severus could write spells and potions in code. Sometimes they were nasty. Well, more than one kind of nasty existed.

Now in Fourth Year, Lily thought Severus was meddling. Hmmph. There were different kinds of meddling, too.

One person was a bit nosy about it and that was Sirius Black, who had ripped a book off Severus' desk as Black and Potter and their goon squad passed his desk in Transfiguration. Let them try, Severus thought, but he cursed that thought in a microsecond, hunching his shoulders and biting back rage. He had remembered that Black was top in his class in Ancient Runes.

“What's in there? Anything good? Knowing Snivelly nothing good.” Potter was strutting as usual.

Sirius scanned the page. His eyebrows met as he scowled down at the small volume that had been intended as an address book. Haughty as his brother and insufferably Gryffindor. His mouth opened, then he said, “Just an address book.” He tossed it onto the table where Severus and Evan sat. Evan was holding Severus' hands behind his back. Severus was still half standing.

“Do sit down all of you or you will be in detention, every one of you.”

They all took their places, McGonagall watching them through beady eyes. Why had Black not read aloud or nicked the book? Why?

Later that day as Severus slipped down the passageway to the dungeons, he found himself suddenly on his back being attacked by bats and large amounts of green sputum.

It was Severus' own improvement on his original spell, now known as the Bat Bogey Hex. Sirius Black was laughing with his wand out. His three compatriots were gleeful. Yes, Black had looked under “B” of course, in the spell address book, and deciphered it.

He had figured it out just like Regulus. Sirius was a Black, after all.


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