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I'm back. I'm missing medication so my world is very edgy until I can get it. 10 days late. Very frazzled indeed. Harrison was not that bad. It was very sunny with high temps and a cool breeze. But it has that resort town smarmy feel. Lockhart could have been one of the hotel staff. I lost my Deathly Hallows watch by the hot pool and found it in the dead of night, a-creeping as snakes are wont to do. I searched and then irked the night staff to look and Lo and Behold it was turned in. Humanity just sucks by 92%. The 8% makes the rest faintly tolerable.

Pottermore is a nightmare, a day-mare, and an evening-mare. The changes to the duelling really make me Hate (capital H) the immense morons who created it, why change what works, assholes? Potions are full of glitches. The navigation is infantile. Trying hard not to leave- I just remember, stay true to Salazar, help will always be given to those in Slytherin who ask for it (a blackbird told me so).

I am on Facebook now, as of this morning. It's merely for fun, nothing real. For those who can stand the heavy Pottermore influence, I am Hex Flint. HERE is the link.

Off to read more of The Q Continuum and make attempts to duel decently. -Disapparates-


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